He lies in wait….

,,,,totally amazing.

Ngari Maina

He lies in wait.
He lays no bait.
He knows the day will come…
The day he’ll overcome.
He neither hopes nor prays;
It lies upon the days.
“Who strives to push the days
and his effort pays?” he asks. “Time and tides wait for no man,
The hour rushes to catch none.”
So he lies in wait
He trusts his fate.

There she comes…his mate
And peers upon the grate.
A chill is sent down his spine
The strings of his heart twine.
He would,
Like they do it in the hood,
With a finger thumped
Upon the base of the thumb
Make her hot on her heels
Even without the bills.
She anticipates the snap
While he takes a nap.
Just a fish in the seas,
Or so he sees…
He lies in wait
For the day…the date.

She was the empress of time,
Riding on a tide.

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