Back to this times,,,
This low times that you write love in many lines,
That you feign emotions in many twines.
Times that you search for love in mines,
Because you have to forget ,,,
he who set your heart aflame.
Back to this times times,,,this low times
That you write about one you’ve never met,
or ever seen or will maybe never see,
To a rhythm you’ll never maybe flow,
or notes you’ll maybe never hit,,
Because you have to forget,
he who set your heart aflame.

But maybe I’ll find you,
You who I’ll cherish,
You who will set my heart aflame
Because I have to forget ,
he who set my heart aflame.


Herb Crusted Lamb Rib Rack

Cooking in Sens


Those of you who have been following me for a while know how intolerant I am about American lamb.   I prefer to pay a premium for imported, frozen New Zealand lamb than to allow any of the American, factory produced, tasteless meat called lamb disgrace my table.  I have never eaten any U.S. lamb that I have more than just chewed and swallowed. Until today.


Quails R Us, an organic farm about 10 miles from Honesdale, has educated me and changed my mind about American lamb.  What did I learn?  Buy your lamb from a farm with a farmer on it who has personal knowledge of the animal you are about to eat.  Yes, I know that other bloggers have told me this but I didn’t need to search for good tasting, reliable meat in France and, until now, didn’t have access to or know how to find “normal” farms.

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Cooking for Crowds: 10 Tips for the Terrified + Cauliflower Cheese “Cake”

food to glow

cauliflower cheese cake // food to glowIn ‘real life’ I cook for others. Not usually for more than 20 at a time, but occasionally it will be a more heart-thumping 30, or even 50. By. My. Self.

I still get a little nervous when I accept the challenge of cooking for more than my comfort zone of 20 – which is my usual gig of catering for two groups at the cancer centre where I work. I do this weekly, with other groups sometimes added in. This is especially so at this time of year when groups who normally suffice with a cup of tea want to pull out the stops with a Christmas lunch. It is usually three courses, and as I have done it so often, I am completely comfortable with it.

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All That is Limitless,,

Some moments are divine,

Too priceless to intertwine,

Too limitless to confine

to space and the sky line,

If they are to be enshrined,

then they are too fine

to refine.


And like the dawn,

with the sun touching the lawn,

on the glen is dew,

with snowballs new,,

And the butterflies right on cue,

with just one wish due,

all that is too good to be true,

would come again from the blue.


In the bleak and solitude hour,

Pours the rain like

a river down the gutter roars,

With its sound enough to savour,

And the scent enough to flavour,

,,,,And between those raindrops,

pierces light into colours.


And with the sunset,

Colours mix and melt,

And look as soft as felt,

Shadows grow and in they let

them float away into a black belt,

to bring stars that just twinkle and shine,

like a new found jewel…



In Fear We Crush

For if we do not stand up,
We give up,
If for a bit we lean back,
We stand back,
We forget that,,,
when we sit back,
we become cowards.

When we are afraid,
we remain laid,
Laid to thoughts that we are losers,
Opinions that we are failures,
And we digress ,,
From facts that there are dreams,,
we can harness.
So in this unerring steps,
this flowing tides,
In this nerve shreds,
this quiet ends,
In this iambic lines,
Stand up,
Stand out,,
Be strong.


With daylight,

Shafts of light pierce the tree tops,

And with it rays of much hope,

the grass flickers from a far with dew drops,

as the water in the river shimmers,

The frogs in excitement hop,

and with the horizon in view,,,

It’s enough to hope

And even though some cloudy morning comes,

with prevailing clouds in for a dance,

dull by thick muffling folds in every ounce,

Their outlines lost and blended with the sky

It still mocks the night that was in lie,,

and yes ,,,

It’s enough to hope,,

                                                                                                                                       ”  Art of optimism “


“Have Some Rum, Mon”

Cooking in Sens


Before Steve, our bathroom remodeler, decided to go for the big bucks he, a graduate of C.I.A., worked as a chef at Breezes Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica.  When he told me this, of course, I asked about Jamaican cuisine.  I have tasted Jamaican meat pies and once attended a very good lunch hosted by Jamaican friends, but have never attempted to make anything myself. We discussed Jamaican jerk rubs and the next day, he brought his own spice mix over for me to try.


Today I added rum, vinegar and olive oil to Steve’s spices, rubbed a spatchcocked chicken with the mixture, then put it in the refrigerator to mature overnight.  I remembered that the Jamaican friends served their meal with roti, a homemade flatbread and, not wanting to try two new things, decided to make Jamie’s Navajo flat bread to accompany the chicken, perhaps wrapping pieces of the jerked…

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